2004 Ford Taurus



July, 10, 2013 AT 10:20 PM

The AC only gets very slightly cool after the car has been run at highway speeds for over a forty-mile stretch. I was going to charge the AC, but when I got the hood open and listened, I heard a noise (which I cannot reproduce here, but was sort of like a "phweet" with another noise directly thereafter). I had noticed some small power loss driving it up until then, but it wasn't until I opened the hood with the car running I began to think it may be AC related. Up until then, I'd just chalked it up to age. I turned off the AC and it stopped making the noise and the engine ran normally. At that point, I decided to let it be until I did some research. Most of what I know about engines is from doing things to the various Freightliners, Peterbilts, and Internationals I've had. I think it would be a bad idea for me to assume what goes from those engines automatically applies to a Ford Taurus. If I can fix it reasonably, I will, but if your advice is take it to someone, I will. I'd just like to have some idea of what it's doing out of curiosity and so I can tell my Dad what's broken. Thank you very much! : )


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July, 11, 2013 AT 8:40 AM

Have a pro performance test your system it may be low and that maeans it leaked so it needs to be found and fixed. Otherwise it wil do the same

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