1992 Acura Vigor Top of engine caught on fire

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Engine Performance problem
1992 Acura Vigor Manual 146000 miles

I took the headers off the car because I stepped on the gas in first gear and it went a little over the redline. (Didn't shift fast enough). When I did this white smoke came out the car and antifreeze came out. A little hose had busted. A heater hose. And in doing this I removed the fuel injectors. Both sides of the headers had gaskets that were missing pieces and I still put the headers on like that. Also, there was like a hose type of thing that connected from the headers to the fuel injection intake type of thing. This thing was clogged with black ashes so I removed some, and some fell into the intake thing. I put everything back together and put the injectors back on. There was some little plastic (thin) hose that I broke and I tried to tape it back together. When I went to turn on the car the first time it wouldn't start and I saw that fuel was squirted like on the headers and other stuff. Then I saw that I hadn't connected some little hose so I connected the hose. Then my girlfriend tries to start it while I look to see where it's leaking gas from and when she barely tries to start the car I see fuel coming like out of the injectors or the little plastic pipe thing that I taped up or the headers the part that connects to the engine with the not too good gasket. I'm not sure exactly where I saw it leaking from cause it was too quick. But it was around that area. Then the top of the engine caught fire where fuel was squirted. Turned it off with fire extinguisher. I saw that the little hose that I tape'd up was completely burnt, melted. This hose goes like across where the fuel injectors are. The fuel injector, rubber pieces and electrical parts of the fuel injectors got a little burnt too but not completely gone.. Does that mean my engine and car is completely gone. Or can I replace the electrical part of fuel injectors and that little plastic thing that melted. Will the car still work. That's all that got burnt. Just the little plastic hose and the fuel injector plastic things and electrical line that connects to them. Can I just replace these things and will the car be ok. One more thing, When I connected the headers I lost one nut so I didn't put it on. Is this what caused the fire. Cause it seemed a little more burnt around the part where the nut was missing. Please help.

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Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 AT 2:41 AM

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