A 2012 TOYOTA 4

2012 Toyota Tacoma



December, 6, 2012 AT 5:09 PM

A 2012 toyota, 4.0 v6 with a factory engine oil cooler with factory oil filter #90915-20004.
this oil filter was replaced at toyota dealer with 9015- y22d3.
the bottom part of this filter is of a different designe than the factory. What is the correct one.
looking at the 90915-20004 it looks like it may be made to give a better oil flow, as it sets on top of the oil cooler. Looking at the both filters from the bottom their is a big differance. The dealer says they use only the 9015-y22d3 on all v6 and small v8, then why would the factory use the 90915-20004?
Both filters are toyota filters.
I have been working on cars over 50 years. If you could answer this one. Well you know that it would be a big help. This engine is in a tacoma full crew cab 4x4 with a tow package.
Bruce in west Milford new jersey. THANK YOU!

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