Dear Sir I am from india and I.

  • 2012 RENAULT
  • 3,300 MILES

Dear Sir

i am from india and I am very confused about the whistling sound which is coming from my new car Renault Duster which has K9k engine with 110ps and VGTurbo.

i have bought Renault Duster and have driven around 3200kms till now I am happy with the drive quality and over all performance

but 1 thing is disturbing me a lot about the car. There is whistling sound from the engine when I press the pedal hard above 2000 rpm. But the whistling sound doesnt come when I gradully press the pedal and the car goes above 2000rpm. I am worried what is this whistling sound.

i just did a trip to goa and while driving at the speed above 100 to 140 there is continues whistling sound coming from engine. I dont think this is the turbo spool up sound.

i am really worried because I have posted on fb also and some of them hear the whistling sound from engine and some do not hear this sound.I also went to my dealer and told about the sound but they are busy in selling new cars and not at all intrested in after sales service.

However an expert from cartoq. Com told me that if the sound is very prominent than there can be a turbo leak so put the car on analyser to check the turbo pressure.

What should be the turbo pressure for Reno duster 110ps

i am confused is this a wind cutting sound or the engine whistling sound.

Jesal Sagar.

really confused about this. Because this whistling sound is too irritating. Can

Friday, January 4th, 2013 AT 6:20 PM

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