My car has a clutch poblem, thats.

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my car has a clutch poblem, thats what a mechanic said but I thought of getting a second opinion. About 5-6 months ago every time I would drive up a hill even if it wasn't too high, the car wouldn't go like it did usually I had to really push the accelerator and the engine would make the sound as it should with accelerating but the wheels instead of going up would just spin around in that same spot and not go up as if it doesn't have any grip on the road. Its a 2010 model but I haven't been driving it much, almost 31000KM not miles.

the mechanic said its a problem in the clutch, the whole clutch system has to be replaced, along with the pressure plate and clutch bearings. Is that the real problem and wold it be fixed if I change the whole thing?

Thursday, February 7th, 2013 AT 6:11 PM

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