2010 Honda Civic



January, 26, 2014 AT 1:56 PM

Hello my civic seems to be sick, I've used nothing but synthetics in her since we got it. I've done all the maintenance myself including the transmission fluid exchange I did at 60000. Recently we moved from Savannah Georgia to Texas and we started noticing about a couple months ago when we put her in reverse the engine seems to growl. But as soon as she warms up there isn't an issue. I've taken it to Honda here and they have never heard of it before. I need help and need to fix my baby. She does have a front right boot I have to change out but other than that she's never been wrecked or neglected. Regular maintenance on her is a priority.

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January, 26, 2014 AT 3:38 PM

If the right front boot has ripped the joint may be your growl you hear as once the boot is ripped/torn/the grease goes out of it.

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