2009 TSX Flood P0302 cylinder 2 misfire detected

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  • 2009 ACURA TSX
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I got 2009 TSX from auction then found out it was flood title car having few issue. I have changed few parts and all fluid to be in safe side things changed so far all filters, eng-oil, tran-oil, radiator, fuel, fuelpump, bluetooth, window switch on right front and back, Steering EPS R. Kick panel.


1st I get P0302 cylinder 2 misfire detected so I switched spark plug, coil, I know I am getting spark and coil is good because I put that on 1, 3, 4 cyl works fine last changed fuel injector, still error so I got the noid ligh to see if I am getting power found out that when I have the car running all 4 plug have flashing light, but soon as I press gas #2 injector plug light goes out and 1, 3, 4 light flash. I am thinking ECU damaged due to flood it maybe partially damage. I was told to check for injector pulse at the ecu but how do I do that and tools do I need or anything else I can check or test before I buy ECU or should I reprogram.

2nd TPMS light keeps coming, reading from other forum sound like they went to sleep mode or again ECU problem. It can't be tpms ecu(up by steering) because water then would have killed radio and other stuff so maybe initiator might be bad or sensor need cleaning but this I can fix later if I get the car running good first.

3rd Inside when fan starts I can't get air from center all air to windshield looks like need new acuater moter or something in center also can't see what is outside temp its blank there. Other wise the car is new and NO smell just few things. If anyone can help me guide need expert opinion I would really appreciate.

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Sunday, March 20th, 2011 AT 7:06 PM

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