My AC used to be so well working that I used to.

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My ac used to be so well working that I used to tell people, how good ac is in my car. But now in Hot days I have to put maximum speed and minimum temperature to feel a little of my AC. I have refilled gas, compressor oil in AC and checked all pipeline and pressure. Every thing is perfect, but the problem remained.
One day when weather was little cooler I put on the fan (without AC) slightly (low speed) but with minimum temperature in car and felt that it is blowing with light warm air.
I took it to service station and they said that it can be some special valve which is not in all the cars but in Grandis it is there, which closes and opens hot Antifreeze to inner radiator of car, so to give warm air or not. Seems to be that this Valve is broken. But to to change it, they have to open all the front part to driver and it will cost 250$, also this valve comes with inner radiator (which heats the car), and cost not cheep. Even after so much of work they are not sure that this is the right cause of malfunctioning of my AC in summer!
Many any one come throgh this issue? Please help

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 7:20 PM

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