PLEASE HELP, about 2 months ago my 2008 Jeep.

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PLEASE HELP, about 2 months ago my 2008 jeep patriot shuttered and went dead in slow traffic. It cranked back up but immediately the engine temperature gauge went to middle and stayed there. Now my vehicle has never ran in the middle temp no matter how far I have traveled let alone a quick trip to town. My engine temp gauge has always stayed at the one fourth area and even in Florida summer heat has never went past that even on long trips. My dealer repair shop has not been ANY! Help at all I have taken it 3 seperate times and was told that they ran an electrical test and a running hot test and nothing shows up. Please help me I am worried that it will eventually damage my engine and I can not afford to replace it.I pray that you have a clue about the problem.I was told it could be the TIMP module, the fan(but it comes on at all checks and shows no problems) or a number of other things? Michelle3.1@windstream. Net thank you so much

Monday, January 14th, 2013 AT 6:24 PM

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