I have a 58 plate Focus.

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I have a 58 plate Focus Zetec (1.8) recently traded from a LX 1.8, love the new Focus but noticed that the lights left on chime has stopped working, my bf asked that I check the other chimes which I have done and they are all working fine (seat belt, door open, fuel (took a while to get it below 50 miles left lol) told him it is ok. Which it wasn't as he has more important things to deal with at the moment, so took it back to the dealer but felt rather overwhlmed and feeling that he was throwing jargon at me to try and get what sounded like a rather expensive repair, without even looking he suggested that it is the onboard computer at fault and would need to be replaced, this was the same salesperson who sold me the car and tried his best to sell me extended warranty (car is only just over the warranty, and I mean just). So I smiled said no thanks and walked away, All I want really is someone who is going to say 'sounds like this or could be that' so I have a fighting chance taking it to another garage, I did contemplate asking the base mechanics to take a look at it but squaddies in my car. Sounds like a prank waiting to happen.

Sorry for the boring text above, but here is what I have found and tried so far, disconnecting the batter and reconnecting, checking fuses under the bonnet, checking bulbs around the car including the licence plate even cleaning the connector in the drivers door.

If this is an American site, I am sorry if you are unable to answer the question.

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 AT 10:01 PM

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