My car was bottomed out on my driveway and I.

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  • 2008 FORD ESCAPE
  • 83,000 MILES

My car was bottomed out on my driveway and I heard a clunk under my feet (passenger side). It appeared fine afterwards. We drove it about 20 miles and while driving it acted as if it got knowcked into neutral. We stopped turned it off for a minute. It started right back up, drove maybe a mile and did the same thing. It will not go but just rev up the rpms. After taking it to one auto shop, it will no longer push backwards while in neutral, the back tires lock up. I was told possible linkage since the bottom of the car got hit, but mechanic said he couldn't find any damage underneath. I just find it very odd that the tranny has never acted up, slipped, made any noise, and the day we hit something is the day it suddenly goes bad? I have no fluid leakage at all and no burnt smell either. Suggestions of what it could be?

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 AT 8:29 PM

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