Message center: servixce traction control RPMs.

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Message center: servixce traction control RPMs being reduced. I replaced the right front box hub because of a broken wire. Problem started back up the next day.
I found this post:
The first thing a mechanic should look for is any damage to any wiring harnesses (there is a Technical Service Bulletin out about this).

If it isn't a voltage issue or the wire harnesses, then the next two things to look at would be your Throttle Position Sensor (requires replacing the throttle body) and the Accelerator Position Sensor (requires replacing your gas pedal).

The system in the Impalas is called a "Drive-by-wire" system. This means the accelerator position sensor and throttle position sensor work together. If either one of them act up, you get the warning messages you are seeing.

After changing any of these parts a relearn procedure must also be done so that the computer can relearn (or adjust) to the newer parts.

I opted to change my throttle body first, ooops. It turned out to be the accelerator (which is the cheaper part to replace by the way). Now it's running normally.

Thursday, December 27th, 2012 AT 6:28 PM

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