Codes P0108 and P0109 are tripping every three.

  • 200,000 MILES

Codes P0108 and P0109 are tripping every three days after performing repair procedures. Need o know what could be wrong. I've replaced the MAP/MAF sensor with three others the shop has in our stock. I've done all the electrical pinpoint tests with nothing coming up as an issue. I've test driven it countless number of times while recording its readings (local roads and highway test records). The only thing I have not done is visually inspect every inch of wiring for any shorting or opens because that would require me cutting open countless amounts of wiring harnesses and forcing me to pick through hundreds of wires just to find and follow the few the sensor uses (also the sensor does not have the right wire colors for some of the wires in which I'm screwed at finding them). Need direction as to where I should look for finding the issue or a few suggestions as to what other sensors or things could be faulting that would make these codes pop up if that is possible. Also is it possible for the wires in the wiring harness to just break or short out without any other wires in the harness doing so?
(it is driven for a limo company so it does go through hell and back in terms of abuse.)The same?


Thursday, December 27th, 2012 AT 10:16 PM

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