I need to know what could be causing a dragging/.

  • 2007 HONDA CRV
  • 79,000 MILES
I need to know what could be causing a dragging/groaning sound from the front end. I had all four tires replaced in August 2012, the battery replaced in Nov. 2012, and oil changed as scheduled in Dec. 2012. It wasn't making the current sound until just after the oil change at my local Honda dealer(where I bought it almost 3 yrs ago). They said it was my front and back brakes that "desperately need replacing". HOWEVER.I know my car and before that appointment- my brakes were fine. I have anti lock brakes and know how to use them. My first question is if it's possible for this annoying sound to be caused by them depositing the wrong oil -mine takes 5w30. Or could it be something more serious? I tried dry gas near empty before tanking up, and it didn't solve the problem. I'm a single mom who doesn't know much about cars or how to fix them past adding air to the tires and checking oil/ and refilling washer fluid. I can't afford to have something major go wrong, and don't want to get ripped off which usually happens. Please help. It also gives off a random inconsistent smell. No one tail gates my car as a result. Someone told me it could be a cattalitic converter.I'm clueless. HELP
Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 AT 12:46 AM

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The converter can put off a rotten egg smell. As far as the noise, does it change when turning, speeding up?
Was this
Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 AT 1:03 AM

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