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February, 11, 2011 AT 1:24 PM

I've got a 2007 Ford F150 4x4. Due to large amounts of snow the past couple weeks have been tough driving and have been going in and out of 4 wheel drive a lot. The other day I was in 4 wheel drive and heard a couple squeaks. After going back to 2 wheel drive there seems to be a humming or whirring noise coming from the front end. Sounds comparable to the noise a tire makes while driving on asphalt, just louder. I just notice it mainly while coasting at low speeds (10-20 mph). It also doesn't seem to coast quite as well and seems to take a little more power to accelerate. It also seems a little harder to turn the steering wheel, but that could just be my imagination. It has also been bitter cold the past week, don't know if that could have anything to do with it. Thanks!


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February, 11, 2011 AT 1:39 PM

I would first check the fluid levels in differential and transfer case, if OK, then it may be PS pump.



February, 11, 2011 AT 2:21 PM

Maybe it's Just snow or ice Caked Up in your Wheel well against your tire?

Low tires?

Locking hub-not fully disengaged or engaged?

Wheel bearings?


Just throwing things out there!

I just had a bad experience with my CJ 5 Transfer case.

I had just Fully (everything within. NEW!) Rebuilt the tranny, then the Dang transfer case locked up and busted the case (at 55, my Jeep acted as if Somersaults and Half Gainers, was going to be the next Main Event!). Exact Cause of the bearing failure, still a mystery. So I sorta halfway went thru, and installed a 'Good' used transfer caseI'm now BIG-TIME Gun-Shy and Paranoid, I haven't even turned on the radio, cause I'm still listening for Imaginary Noises.I know exactly what you mean about Imagination!

Want a 2nd Free Opinion?Sometimes the Popular Auto Parts store guys will come out and sorta look for the obvious. Also Tire stores and alignment shops are "Qualified Enough" and will give you a FAST, FREE DIAGNOSIS. It might also "Hinge On" your location and the "Hospitality Factor" in your region!

But definitely get it EXAMINED!

Please let us know what the issue is---Maybe we can pass it along to someone else in distress.

The Medic



February, 19, 2011 AT 4:53 PM

Had the truck looked at and they found that the front driver's side wheel hub was locked into 4x4. They said the suction was there but the actuator ring broke so it couldn't disengage. I'm guessing the two squeaks I heard just before I noticed the problem was that ring busting. I'm also wondering if that ring was faulty from the beginning. The same ring was replaced in August 2010 and ever since I heard a squeak or chirp noise coming from that wheel. Thought it was the breaks but had them checked out and they were good, and they couldn't ever find the culprit. So now I'm thinking that ring was either faulty or installed wrong from the beginning.



February, 21, 2011 AT 3:16 AM

Just checking on you---Ja Get 'er Done!

Did they figure out, if it was a bad installation?

The Medic

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