Are Ford's Breaks Safe?

  • 2007 FORD ESCAPE
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 36,000 MILES
We have a couple of Fords that worry me and I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem with their breaks?

Loss of ABS breaking for a couple of seconds. Your break peddle goes to the floor and your car makes a ur ur ur ur sound from the master cylinder area. Then the ABS kicks back in and you pulsate to a stop.

We have had this issue with the following 07 Escape, 09 Escape and 01 Excursion.

I have found this to happen in the following cases;
You are applying the breaks at medium pressure and are going at a speed below 20mph. You hitting a sandy or gravel spot in the road with your front tires. We have also had it happen when hitting a small bump such as an expansion joint in the road that is un-even with your front tires during slow speed breaking.

This is very dangers! Ford tells me this is what they call an advance ABS breaking.

Both Escapes are driven by my daughters. My oldest daughter almost died because of this problem. She was crossing a divided state highway in a 70mph zone. When she got to the middle area of the hwy and need to stop for the traffic coming from the other direction her 07 Escape didn’t stop. She slid right into the lanes of traffic. She was very lucky that the two 18 wheelers where still a little ways off and she gunned the gas and made it into the ditch across the road before the trucks took her out. I don’t know if she would still be her or not if I had not purchase the V6 model. I took this Escape to two dealers the day after this happened and had them check out the truck from head to toe. They even rotated the tire and the said they found nothing wrong with it.

The Excursion has 294,000 mile on it. I have owned this truck from day one with only 10 miles on it. I have had this breaking problem happen about eight times with this truck. The last time was day before yesterday. I hit a bad expansion joint that was located about 30 yards from a stop light. The worst time was when I was pulling our 7,000 lbs boat. I almost took out a couple of cars in front of me.

Please everyone that has had a problem like this reply.
Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, January 31st, 2011 AT 11:43 PM

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There is another web site that is only accessible to mechanics and shop owners. On that site I read quite often about similar problems with Ford and GM trucks. It's somewhat common on GM trucks for the brake pedal to go to the floor about once per month. No known fix yet. One Ford developed a rock-hard pedal that wouldn't move at all to apply the brakes. The base brakes worked fine when the fuse was removed for the anti-lock system. Turned out to be broken off tabs from the rear axle clutch plates sticking to the magnet in the rear wheel speed sensor and blocking it from developing a signal. No idea how that could cause that problem, but there's no arguing with the solution.

Based on the history of problems, you might request a meeting with the district representative from Ford. At the Chrysler dealership I worked for, that person came around once per month to meet with customers. I suspect Ford has a similar person and procedure. They might know of a fix. Even if they don't, your complaint will be documented and may provide information they can use in an ongoing investigation. The rep also has the authority to warranty things the dealer can't.

Another thought is to search for a nearby Ford training center. The mechanics at your local dealership will know which city they're in, but Ford has been closing some of them lately to save money. When those instructors aren't holding classes they are often researching problems such as yours. They might have some ideas too.

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 AT 2:33 AM

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