2007 Fiat Bravo


October, 9, 2011 AT 7:59 PM

I have new bravo model. LPG system installed one year ago and for now everything was fine. Few days ago, there was a problem with morning ignition. I had to try several times to ignition. Every morning since then, I had same problem. When I was try ignition directly with LPG, everything was normal. I have to say, that after morning ignition on LPG, rest of the day I starting engine on gasoline without any problems.
According to the advice of a mechanic, I try to drive several days only with gasoline, but problem remains the same. We tried with following steps: new spark, computer adaption, cleaning gasoline filter and with other crankshaft sensor. There were no progress. The days are getting colder and situation is deteriorating, every morning. Please let me know, if you have any idea what should be the problem. Thank you in advance.


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October, 9, 2011 AT 8:21 PM

Sounds like the cold start injector isn't working right.

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