Started having problems with the van last year

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Started having problems with the van last year. On acceleration especially 1st and 2nd gear the van will jerk each time I accelerated. But this problem is intermittent and when brought to the garage it would not happen. At first it would happen when I first started driving and after about 15 minutes it would stop. Then after a service late last year and battery change the problem went away for 2 months. No matter how hard I accelerated it was fine and smooth. Then last week it started again and again was intermittent. Then 2 days ago it got worse and started happening even on 3rd and 4th gears. The jerking got worse and the jerking was more apparent like a loss of power. Then last night it was really bad and didn't go away after a few minutes but continued and got worse. As I was exiting the expressway I slowed down and suddenly there was a total loss of power, loss of brakes and loss of power steering. But the engine was still running. I released gear and raved the accelerator a few times, engaged gear and it worked again. But it just got worse and worse happening every few seconds until the warning lights starting appearing one by one. I would turn off the engine and wait a few minutes then start-up and drive several meters and it would happen again until finally all the warning lights were lit and the engine refused to re-start again. Had it towed to the workshop and this morning the mechanic tried it and it started immediately and showed no signs of any problems at all. It has been the whole day now. He serviced it and has been testing it but so far no sign of the trouble of last night. Even the diagnostic test was good and gave no result of the problems last night. Please help. The mechanic has no idea what to do.

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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 AT 9:01 AM

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