Vehicle: '07 300 Touring 3

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  • 2007 CHRYSLER 300
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Vehicle: '07 300 Touring 3.5L - 117k miles

After it's been sitting for a while (like when I first start it in the morning) it starts right up fine. Starter cranks a couple times and boom, engine turns over. It's great. After I drive for a minute, (doesn't matter long or short distance) a lot of the time it has trouble starting. Starter has to crank longer than I'd like before it catches and turns over. I figured it was a leaky injector(s) that was causing a flooded cylinder. Leaving it overnight would let the fuel evaporate, thus starting fine in the morning. But apparently, since I've replaced all 6, that's not the problem. I did the plugs and the EGR/PCV, the fuel system cleaning, and verified the pumps working fine at the same time.

Here's what has been done under the hood since I've got it. The problem happened before all this, and still is happening now.

New timing belt (and everything that goes along with doing timing)
New spark plugs
New Mopar injectors
New stupidly designed, sure to break again ignition switch (thanks Chrysler for terrible engineering)
New PCV valve
Full Fuel Cleaning service (T/B, Manifold, Fuel Rail, etc)
Fuel pumps working fine

Before I did all of the above, I had the problem, after, I still have the problem. So it's not any of the above's faults, or a result thereof.

I'm lost. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 24th, 2013 AT 2:06 AM

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