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I am so frustrated. I had to have the engine replaced in my hhr because they said the rod bearings were shot, it sounded like it. Anyway since the engine was replaced, the power steering has gone out and the call stalled weirdly on the hwy. They said it was the alternator and starter. So had them replace those, while in the shop for those repairs the mechanics said that there was a crack in one of the fuel lines and that had to be replaced. Apparently that is a hard part to find took 4 weeks to get it out of shop. Had car back for three days and now was out this morning got gas, started up fine, drove to second store parked, came out to go and nothing. Turn the key and all that happens is one click. All other lights, radio work fine. What is up with my car someone help me figure this out! Any suggestions, before I give up already?

Monday, February 11th, 2013 AT 8:30 PM

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