I have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt 2

  • 86,000 MILES

Hi I have a 2007 Chevy cobalt 2.2L ecotech manual transmission. My car will not start up do too the cold weather it's been 15-35 degrees F for the past week. Also about a week and a half ago I replaced the motor and head gaskets. It has a real small oil leak because of that. But it did not affect it and I checked the oil level every day before I started it and the motor ran okay. Then one morning it got real cold and I went to start it after checking the oil (which was on point) so I turned the key and it cranked but it wouldn't turn over. It sat for about a week because every time I went to start it, once again, it wouldn't turn over. So last night my friend and I turned the key with the battery charger on for a few minutes pumping the gas a few times and it would jump a couple times but still wouldn't turn over. Also when you let off the key it would turn over almost all the way for like 2 seconds and then cut off again. So we gave it a couple minute break and started off by checking the 4 spark plugs to see if they were wet, which they all 4 were, (they werent soaking wet just a tint of gasoline) which from my understanding is a good thing, showing that the fuel lines arent freezing and or broken right? So we checked all 4 spark plugs for spark and they all 4 had spark. But the weird thing is when I was turning the key real quick to test each spark plug, it jumped real hard and almost seemed like it really wanted to start, like it turned over for about 4 seconds instead of 2 seconds as it did when all four spark plugs were in. Next we cleaned the whole intake system with carb n choke cleaner (as the manual tells you to do), then proceeded to clean( with carb n choke cleaner) the injectors on the ignition rail, replaced the o rings on the end of each injector, then we put all of that back together accordingly. So we tried to start it and it was still not starting, it was still doing the same stuff it was just jumping a little more right when id let off the key. Then we checked the oil again (aside from the time we did it before we even started to crank it over) and there was some gas in with the oil, now is that just from me flooding it from pumping the gas to try to start it. And Could that possibly be the reason it won't start? Also I read online that the car could sometimes not recognize the shifter is in park. But it's a manual transmission therefore there is no park. So that couldn't be the issue then right? Then I read online from amateurs that they just tapped the break, hit the gas the slightest bit, turned the key, and shift from first to fifth gear all at the same time, sounds kind of ridiculous, and of course it didnt work. So then I also read online that it could be the ignition, but the ignition hasn't given me any issues really in the past and it doesn't stick or anything when turning the key or pulling out/putting the key in the ignition. And if it might be the ignition how would I fix it.(I have handy many tools and experience to do it if possible without having to go to the store) now in my manual, the symptoms for a bad alternator or coil pack say that the car will start and then immediately shut back off. Now the car is doing that just all within about 3 seconds and you can tell it didn't turn over the whole way. So I just put it on the charger for the whole time I was working on it but I'm not sure that's the issue because I think the reason my battery lost a small bit of life is because of me trying to crank it all last week for probably a total of 10 minutes total between the two days which would realistically make sense for the battery loosing some life. But then again I'm not 100% sure because I'm not a professional. So off of the information given what do you think there could be wrong with it? I have to have the car finished by 12:00pm I have to get to work in it can you please help me ASAP thank you

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 AT 3:20 PM

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