2007 Chevrolet Avalanche having many many issues.

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 77,000 MILES

I purchased this truck used at about 70,000 miles in August 2010. It is now December 2010 and this is what has been going on since then.
First I was using a lot of oil within my 3000 miles. Aout 2.5 quarts in about 2500 miles. So they pulled my oil pan and did some sort of cleaning and it seemed to of helped. Well during this entire time I was getting my traction control light and stabilitrak light coming on as I braked but then shutting right back off. I reported this multiple times to the dealer and right after it first happened I woke up the next morning to a dead battery (but a good battery). Then when I got to the dealer they hooked up their machine to tell me there are no codes so no fix. So they figured it was due to the battery dying and erasing the codes. So they told me to get to the closest dealer the next time it happenes and let them connect to see if they find any codes. So I did this and they pulled 3 codes (P0175, P0172, C0561) But the idiot dealer mechanic cleared them. So when I took it to my regular dealer there were no codes so once again no fix. So just about a week ago my service engine light came on and stayed on, as well as everytime I would brake my traction control/stabilitrak lights would come on. So I went to the nearest dealer and made an appointment to have it looked at. He did not hook up any machines to it. The engine light stayed on all day long until that night when I got home I started it at the engine light shut off and the service air bag light flashed on and then went away. So I was really confused. But then the next morning I woke up to a dead battery once again. Seems like if there is ever a code that does get stored it kills my battery. So once again all codes were lost. But just yesterday my transmission made a huge sound as I was pulling away and it seems that it is done for. Will not move in Drive at all. Only Reverse, 1st & 2nd gears. So another totally different dealer has it that is more reputable. But I have came across some TSB's for the traction control light but what about all the other issues that come right along with it? I need serious help! And all I have is my GM drive train warrenty and an extended warrenty on this truck.

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 AT 4:03 PM

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