3200 Bus, VT365 engine, Remote.

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3200 bus, VT365 engine,

Remote Power module has an intermittent fault where the system believes the outputs are sourcing more than the 20amps the electronic circuit breakers are set for.

I've swapped out the RPM with the one beside it, making sure to have all the connectors, jumpers, and daisy-chain end cap in the proper places. The "new" RPM then has the same issue. It's not the module.

I've tested out the outputs, as well as just leaving them disconnected, and the problem still happens. It's not the wiring.

I've cleaned and re-secured all battery and ground connections.

I've been assured (and have the ridiculous bill to prove) the software updates are up to date.

I'm pretty sure I can take care of the issue with a 5 gal can of 98 octane fuel, a paid up insurance policy, and a Zippo, but I'm not there yet. >:(

Do you
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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 AT 9:15 PM

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