My check engine light stays on permanently nad.

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My check engine light stays on permanently nad has been for the last 15 or so months. I've taken it to holden to mutiple times:

- The first time they said a needed a new timing chain, so I got it replaced, but the check engine light come on a couples a days later. I took it back and they said it most likely needed a eletronic system upgrade but one hadn't been released yet. They told me they would call once it was available.

- No phone call came, then car was due for 200,000km service about 10 months later. After service the check engine light came back on after a day. Took it back and they charged me again to check what was wrong. Nothing come up again, all they could say was that there's most likely a problem with the sensors and they're too sensitive now.

- I also told them that the car doesn't start on first try sometimes, they told me it could be due to worn out keys.

I don't want to pay $550 for new sensors and $280 for new keys for these problems to keep occuring.

Can anyone advise on what may be wrong with the car or if Holden is just screwing me around?

Monday, February 18th, 2013 AT 11:49 PM

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