I have a motor home with a Ford V10 engine

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  • 2006 FORD TRUCK
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I have a motor home with a Ford V10 engine. I had engine problems while in California and had to get a remanufactured engine installed. This included a "Manifold Asy - Inlet" part #
BC3Z9424A at a price of $831.00. Less that 2000 miles later I had the check engine light come on. A repair facility in Mesa Az has advised that the "Runner Control Valve Actuater" was not replaced.

My question for Ford is: Does the above part # for the Manifold Asy - Inlet include the Actuater? Please reply ASAP as my motor home is currently in the shop. Thanks
Roger Daniels
rmdaniels2@gmail. Com

Friday, November 9th, 2012 AT 7:20 PM

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