I HAVE A 2006 FORD F150 5

2006 Ford F-150



November, 20, 2012 AT 2:39 AM

I have a 2006 ford f150 5.4 l triton motor I have had a misfire for months I finally decided to change all the spark plugs at 110000 miles, I had a mechanic put ford motor craft plugs in it and it drove fine for 60000 miles then started to have same problem so I took it to ford and they put it on the lap top and it said I had cylinder 1-2-5 are missing so I changed the spark plug and coils on all 3, 4 days later it missed again so I took it back to ford the mechanic hooked up the lap top and took it for a ride and said number 5 was missing, I told him I just changed it 4 days ago so he did compression checks and fuel injector checks and they came back all ok. The mechanic says he might think it could be a alternator going bad, now how can I believe him on a quess, so I'm trying to make an appointment to put it on the big computer and do a full truck diagnosis to see what happens, oh not to mention the check engine light never comes on. So I guess my guestion is what else can cause this misfire to happen when the compression and injectors are all ok, and all the injectors were changed at the same time as the plugs and coils.


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November, 20, 2012 AT 2:41 AM

Vacuum leak and wiring will cause this.

The alternator will cause miss fires as computers hate ac voltage but needs to be tested.


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