I recently purchaced this vehicle and am having.

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I recently purchaced this vehicle and am having a problem with late shifting. I have taken it to my local mechanic but they seem to be stumped. This is a 2006 pt cruiser touring edition that had the engine replaced with a 2005 - both the 16 valve 4"s. The trans and pcm are original to the car. It shifts late - 3-400 rpm under normal acceleration. 2-3 shift can be almost normal under very light acceleration and 2-3 is still late but better when not under load such as hills and slow acceleration. The pcm shows code p0700 and the mechanic said the cluch pressure is off. They have performed a quick learn several times and a full reset with no change. They said all sensors appear to be functioning. I also replaced the map sensor which did not help either. I also feel the downshift when coming to a stop - not sure if this is normal since I have only owned it a few weeks. The trans fluid is clean but I don't know if it has been changed and if so

Saturday, December 1st, 2012 AT 4:20 AM

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