2006 Chrysler Pacifica



April, 30, 2011 AT 12:59 AM

I had a glass technician come replace my windshield today while I was at work. I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. Leaving work today, I accelerated and the hood flew up and hit the windshield. Would the technician have had any reason to open the hood? The company is claiming that they usually don't, so they aren't responsible. The hood has NEVER done this before, and it happened just 5 hours after he replaced the windshield.

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July, 3, 2011 AT 1:16 PM

The bonnet would have to be off the safety catch for it to move up, I would ring a different windscreen shop and ask if the bonnet has to be raised on your make to access any trim required to remove the screen.

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