Overheating despite replacing thermostat?

  • 2006 CHRYSLER 300
  • 170,000 MILES
Car keeps overheating despite replacing thermostat, gasket and temperature sending unit( plug that fan harness go into that notify them when to start

Hello, wondering if you can help, my 2006 Chrysler 300 has been overheating. It started from one day to the next. Today I took it to the mechanic where he tested the fans, and they didnt work. He replaced the temperature sending unit, where the harness connects to and the fans started to work. But I had mentioned to him that I had ran the fans directly when my car first started to overheat so I could make it home and that it still was overheating with the fans on.

So he took off the thermostat and replaced it with a new one as well as a new gasket. That had seemed to do the trick at first. When he was done, we let the car stay on for about 30 min idle, the temp needle stayed in the middle, but then I went to go put in gas and it would move up, them would move back down to the middle. It wasn't til it marked to 3/4 pf the gauge where I got concerned. He bled it some more and put more water in, as it kept spitting it out. As the car was on, the needle would stay in the middle, but the water in the water tank would bubble and would be spitting out with steam thru a little hole on the side, I also noticed that when this was happening, his helper got under neath the car and was squeezing the house a little and that seemed to stop the water from bubbling inside the water tank. Again it seemed and marked fine when the car was just on running, but as I drove it got worse.

As it got late, and the car seemed OK I had to try to make it home which was about 40 min away. The main mechanic said that it might be the water pump although it wasn't leaking or anything, but said it might not have the pressure it needs. However his helper was saying that it might be the oil coolant, the silver little square box with lines that is right in top of the oil filter. He said that maybe it might b clogged or something because I guess the hose he was messing with ran thru there or something like that. If you have any knowledge that can help me I would greatly appreciate it because today I bought a new thermostat, gasket, temp sending unit, and antifreeze (which all got wasted) plus labor, and still it overheats. So now I'm looking at a water pump job that will be expensive due to its location, where I would also have to replace the timing belt to be on the safe side, or another problem. So please, any advice will help. THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO READ MY FRUSTRATING PROBLEM
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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 AT 3:25 AM

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When overheating occurs, compare the temperature of the upper and lower hose. If the lower hose is very much colder than the upper hose with fans working, it could be the water pump that is faulty. If the lower hose is almost as hot as upper hose, you could have a partially clogged radiator that is not providing sufficient cooling for the coolants passing through it.

Try turning on the heater to see if it helps to cool down the temperature.
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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 AT 9:33 AM

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