2005 Volvo XC90



February, 1, 2011 AT 2:14 AM

First where do you check transmission fluid level on this car?
Shifting problem: when using the manual shift in this car it only stays in 2 it wont shift up or down. When transferring over to automatic: from a stop position and then accelerting the transmission will not shift into the next gear until you shift into the neutral postion and then back into drive. And then after while no shifting problems?

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February, 1, 2011 AT 3:02 AM

Park the car on a level surface
apply the parking brake
let the engine idle
move the gear selector lever to position P
select each gear position, stopping for five seconds in each position
move the gear selector lever to position P.
NOTE: Wait two minutes before checking the level.

NOTE: Cars with Geartronic gear selector assemblies: P-R-N-D-Man. Do not shift up in the manual positions.
Cars with conventional gear selector assemblies: P-R-N-D-3-2-1. Stop for five seconds in each position.

To add fluid check fig



February, 1, 2011 AT 1:17 PM

The picture that has been provided does not match what is under the hood of my Volvo
Also I have used the manual shift, mainly to down shift(gears4, 3, 2, 1) when driving down a hill or mountain and it does allow for me to shift back up from (gears 1, 2.3, 4)
Are we talking about the same car?



February, 2, 2011 AT 5:22 AM

Transmission dipstick is located towards the front of the transmission way down at the bottom. You may need to gently push the lower radiator hose to the side to see the dipstick handle. Engine must be warm but do not get it too hot under there or you will not be able to get your hand down there to pull the dipstick out since YOU WILL GET BURN! Trust me, I know from experiance : )) Good luck and hope the info helps.

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