I bought my Sharan about a year ago and.

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Hi, I bought my sharan about a year ago and ever since I had it the drivers window wouldn't go down or up if the door was open and the hazards would flash. My mechanic said it was most likely caused by a broken wire in the door. It had recently worsened to a point where the window wouldn't work at all And from time to time it would effect the locking system and other things. I decided it was time to get it fixed so I left it into the mechanic who attempted to fix it but apparently 17 of the 20 something wires where damaged so he replaced the wiring harness in the door. I also asked him to change the aftermarket headunit to a DVD headunit and fit a sound system as well. However since I got the car back it wont lock with the remote although it will open with it. I took it back to the mechanic who is confused by it and believes its something to do with the headunit as when there is no headunit in it will lock but when it's re fitted it won't. And to make matters worse the previous owner must have changed the drivers barrel lock as the key doesn't fit the lock. So I cannot lock the car at all. Then when I leave the car overnight the battery drains as the amp is constantly drawing power even though there is a remote from the amp to the headunit. I am lost as to what to do next and my mechanic doesn't seem to want to help me anymore. And I can't afford to leave it to a main dealer now. Any suggestions as to how to fix either problem would b greatly appreciated.

Monday, November 26th, 2012 AT 12:00 AM

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