• Tiny
  • itoy
  • 2005 Mercedes Benz C320
  • 29,000 miles

When I turn the selector switch from auto to parking signal icon, the main panel display said that "Parking light front left" error. I checked out and found that everytime I turn on the engine and turn the selector switch from auto to parking icon, the left parking light will blink once every 10 seconds. But after approximately 1 minute, the bulb will stay off. The other right parking light appears to be working fine and stay on. I went to the dealer and buy a new bulb and replaced it. It does not fix the problem. It will blink once every 10 second and after approximately 1 minute, it will not blink anymore and shut off. Its appears that this light is control by computer. How can I reset the computer to fix this problem? There is no fuse for this light and the manual said it is "electronics". Please help, thank you

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 AT 2:40 AM

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