2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee



February, 5, 2014 AT 2:23 PM

Why does my jeep seem to jump into gear while driving? It feels as though it jumps out of gear than back into gear while revving up! Then sometimes it gets stuck into 3rd gear and you cannot shift up or down (it's a slap shift or quadratic) until you turn the vehicle off first. Just today it got stuck into drive and I was only doing 60km and my rpm were very high. It also feels like the engine is literally going to fall or drop out. It usually does this in the winter and started last winter. I took it to a transmission shop last year but they found nothing wrong with the tranny! It has gotten much worse this year! Please help with any suggestions! Thank you!

1 Answer



February, 5, 2014 AT 3:40 PM

Have a trans guy scan for codes and check the fluid it may be low on fluid

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