Cold Starting problem_Ford Everest_2.5L Turbo 4X4

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Dear friends,

I have a Ford Everest 4 x 4 2005 model 2.5 ltr. With turbo running very well till date
Since last few days while starting in the morning only first time in a day or when it is kept idle for a long time say from monring to evening & while coming back home from the office again while strating it gives a problem & not getting strated in first attempt.
While putting on the ignition key & cranking the engine it just sounds the starter & not picking up but while rolling on to the slope it just starts in a second.
I have already changed the heater pins approx. 2 years back or so not sure how much time elapsed, is it the same problem that the heating pins are not working well.
But when I try to start it after that first start it starts quickly as usual.
Again if the vehicle is parked in the office & while going back home it gives the same problem.
Request you help what might have gone wrong & how to fix the problem. I am living in Kenya & ambient morning temp. Is approx. 20 deg.C +/- 10%
while observing the turbo pipe I saw a leakage of oil & dirt accumulation at the joint where turbo pipe fits on the engine side on top the clip on the pipe is tight, any idea? Does this adds upto the problem? Any suggestions?
thanks in advance,

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 AT 12:05 PM

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