Car wont start after done a complete headgasket

  • 2005 DODGE RAM

05 dodge ram 1500 hemi 5.7 auto
i was replacing both clinder headgasket.
now the car wont start up, backfire if thottle step on gas pedal.
it giving spark and fuel for I know,
i recheck my mistake but can fine notthing out of place, plug wire and coil in correct place.
i remove new spark plug and found it was wet with gas, so I took all of them out and dry it. After that I put all the plug it and try to start it up by bleeding the fuel line at the port.
i also fired the starter by trying to start the car up, so I replace the starter.
There only on code are found at this(ECT) high volage

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Thursday, December 1st, 2011 AT 8:04 AM

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You might have damaged or moved the camshaft position sensor. This will throw the car way out of time. You can see with a timing light as it should be around 10+ BTDC in gneral. If it is far from that, and it may be if sensor damaged you will see the timing is off.

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Friday, December 2nd, 2011 AT 5:20 AM

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