I have a 2005 Grand Caravan

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I have a 2005 Grand Caravan. The ABS light came on a 3 weeks ago and the car was running fine until this monrning when the Engine light came on and the car was hassitient in going after a stop. I did the on & Off of the Key and it showed the code of P0344.

Would the two problems be the same or are they different problems?

What would be the Fix for these problems?

Monday, April 8th, 2013 AT 2:13 PM

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P0344 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent

On older models the engine would stall if the signal was lost from the camshaft position sensor or the crankshaft position sensor. On newer models the engine will stay running if one of the signals is lost once it's running but it will not start if either one is missing at that time. The most likely suspect is the camshaft position sensor but first you have to eliminate all the other possibilities like stretched or corroded connector terminals, cut wires, and corroded splices.

For the ABS problem you need to have those diagnostic fault codes read to know which circuit or system needs further diagnosis. You should also understand that the computer compares many things to each other to detect problems. When a problem is detected that circuit can no longer be trusted as a reference for other circuits so additional codes will not be set until the first problem is fixed. That's not real common on Chrysler products but it is REAL common on GM vehicles and is frustrating for owners and mechanics, especially when the first problem is ignored for a long time. That gives the second problem more time to occur. GM has a huge problem with front wheel bearings causing wheels speed signal dropouts. If that is addressed within a few days a new bearing will be all that's needed. If it is ignored for a few weeks it is likely the second bearing will develop a problem too but no related fault code will be set because the computer knows it doesn't have a reliable signal from the first sensor for comparison. All the mechanic knows is one sensor is causing a problem because there's only one fault code in memory, and that's what he bases his repair cost estimate on. It's not until after the owner agrees to the repair and the mechanic performs a test-drive that the computer can resume its tests and the second problem is detected and the fault code shows up. The yellow ABS light turns on again. The mechanic is frustrated because he has to start the diagnosis all over again and he has to tell the owner more parts and services are needed than what was expected. The owner is frustrated because he is sure the mechanic didn't diagnose it properly the first time. Part of the frustration is the result of how the systems operate and how they detect problems for you, and part of the problem is caused by the owner ignoring the warning light for too long.
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