How do you replace an ignition switch in a 2005.

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How do you replace an ignition switch in a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica

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The ignition switch attaches to the lock cylinder housing on the end opposite the lock cylinder. For ignition switch terminal and circuit identification, refer to the Wiring Diagrams.
Disconnect negative cable from battery.
Remove the Knee Blocker Airbag.
Remove the Instrument Panel Center Bezel.

Switch In Dash

Remove the 2 switch mounting nuts.
Ignition Switch Assembly

Loosen the rear mounting nut.
Slide the assembly rearward.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition switch and SKREEM Module.
Interlock Cable

Remove the interlock cable by depressing the locking tab and pulling straight out.
Interlock Cable

Interlocking cable removed.
Ignition Key Housing And Switch

Remove ignition switch mounting screw.
Squeeze the 2 locking tabs to remove ignition switch from the lockhousing.
A tab on the ignition switch indexes to a notch in the lock cylinder housing. Also, a slot in the end of the ignition switch fits over the shaft in the end of the lock cylinder housing. Use the ignition key to rotate the lock cylinder to align the ignition switch with lock cylinder housing.
Tighten the mounting screw, refer to the torque chart for specification.
Attach electrical connector to SKREEM Module.
Attach electrical connector to ignition switch.
Install the interlock cable into the switch assembly.
Dash Mounting

Install switch assembly into Instrument Panel. Make sure that the rear mounting nut is in the correct position.
Tighten the 3 mounting nuts, refer to the torque chart for torque specification.
Install the Instrument Panel Center Bezel.
Install the Knee Blocker Airbag.
Connect the negative cable.

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