Long story short we found out our brake line was.

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Long story short we found out our brake line was contaminated. We narrowed it down to an oil change that was done in July, only people to touch any fluids in the vehicle. Now we've had braking issues. Dealership tells us we need entire braking system replaced, including the BPMV Unit. Our mechanic tells me he's done many, many, many cars with contaminated brake fluid lines and has NEVER seen where this part needs to be replaced, as there is no rubber in it. The dealer told us we should contact our insurance company and file a claim and they should cover it, ($3500) under our policy under vandalism, I spoke to our claim rep and he said they have to be able to prove it. Looks like we'll have to shell out the $3500, or take it to our mechanic and have him do it, without replacing this part, for no more than $1500. Very confused on what to trust, what really needs to be done, and if this part truly needs replacing or not. Any ideas, help or advice you could offer would be SO appreciated!
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 AT 6:27 PM

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What is a "BPMV unit". Is that their name for the hydraulic controller for the anti-lock brakes? The person who told you everything with rubber parts must be replaced is exactly correct. I'm not sure I would believe the person who said he has done many of these. In my 29 years as a mechanic I've been involved directly with three cases of contaminated fluid and have discussed fewer than a half dozen with others. All of those involved do-it-yourselfers. Experienced mechanics know how easily the fluid can be contaminated accidentally, and they will typically wash their hands before handling any brake parts. To have worked on "many" of these problems, I have to wonder where they're all coming from.

If the unit in question is the hydraulic controller for the anti-lock brakes, I always list that as a part that needs to be replaced. Internal parts are generally not available, partly for liability reasons, but there are valves in it that need to seat perfectly and rubber seats and seals do that better than steel. For a definitive answer I would contact a GM trainer. They know more than what's on their training videos the mechanics watch every month or they would be able to find out for you. If they say it does not need to be replaced, it will have to flushed thoroughly and that's going to be hard to do.
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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 AT 7:39 PM

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