I had my timing chain and kit.

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I had my timing chain and kit replaced October 2011 and just a few weeks beforehand had the waterpump replaced. A year on I am still having problems. I have taken my car to 3 other garages to get advice and all say its the timing chain. I have taken the car back to the garage that I originally had the repair done, after checking it for the 3rd time they are now saying that because I never had the oil change and filter changed by them, they don't believe this has been done and they are now blaming me saying that I have damaged my engine. I have taken this matter to the trading standards and the other day I got a letter from them to say that the garage have been audited and reciepts of purchasing a timing chain kit tally's with when my car went in. I have now spoken to the main man at the garage and will be taking my car 50miles away for him to have a look at it. Could it be anything else apart from the timing chain? It sounds like a diesel car especially when it is idle.

Could you please give me some advice of what I should do?


Monday, December 3rd, 2012 AT 12:26 PM

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