How can I get air to blow out of my vents?

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My octavia has climate control. The fan. Has. Been sounding a bit wierd. Lately and kinda running on 1/2 power and struggling to blow and air. Out the. Vents? So I replaced it. With a new. Motor and it sounds much. Better it increases in power and sound perfect now. But and this is the. Problem. The. Fan works but no air comes. Out the vents. Well very minimal. If the setting is. On cold and can feel cold air but only just if its on hot I feel only a little bit. Warmth. The thing is. Nothing is blowing through. Now I took the pollen filter off and this made no difference to the air coming in? Please. Advice. Me on my next. Plan. Of. Action. Please
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Thursday, January 12th, 2012 AT 6:35 PM

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Under the hood, locate the 2 hoses going through the bulkhead. With the engine running and hot, grab these hose. (If you can). They should be almost too hot to hold. See if there is a valve on one of these hoses. If there is, have someone move the temperature control back and forth while you observe the valve. You should see the actuator move. And you should feel a difference in temp on the bulkhead side. If not, bad temperature control valve.

In the passenger compartment, engine running, listen carefully for doors and actuators moving under the dash as you move the temperature control and selector switches around. Observe the air box to see if the actuator controls are moving when you make changes to the settings.
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Friday, January 13th, 2012 AT 1:12 AM

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