2004 Peugeot



April, 6, 2011 AT 7:57 AM

Hello, I have a customer buy a lexia-3 from me, and he need repair his cars ecu, I don't know how to help him, his question is :
the main idea for this car's fan issue is to prevent from buying a brand new ECU from Peugeot, I need to know how to make sure this specific car will start with a used ECU from another car (easy to find, manage and update with the awsome scan tool clone I bought from you) + original BSI of the faulty car + original keys of the faulty car.

The solution could be: some tool to disable the immobiliser device of the replacement ECU, reprogram the ECU to match BSI and keys immobilser, swap the immobiliser chips on the two ECUs, other ideas?

need help, if you have answer, pls e-mail me, my e-mail is sales@greebid. Com


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