I have a stereo system in my 04 Sentra Sentra.

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I have a stereo system in my 04 sentra sentra, I have 2 amps and and 2 subs + 2 half farad caps. And I noticed I have low voltage from alternator. It was reading 13.2 volts. So, I cleaned all grounds I could find the engine bay and I got it to go up to 14.2 but it used to stay solid at 14.4 originally. After I cleaned the grounds, I noticed it going above normal to 14.5 - 6 on cold start and drop off to 13.8 when warmed up. With radio and amps all off. Could it be the alternator regulator or more grounds I missed.I thinking to replace the terminals and wires next. Might corroded. Hoping it not the alt. My car rpm also surges up and down with bass. LOL kind of fun but I hope its not doing damage.

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Friday, March 15th, 2013 AT 6:09 AM

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