Vibration while driving? Need help

  • 2004 GMC SIERRA
  • 13,000 MILES
2WD extended cab Sierra 1500 with a V8. 130,000 miles on it, no towing, no hard driving.

I developed a vibration about 6 months ago anytime the truck was driving over 25 miles per hour. I took it to Goodyear, and they told me that my tie rod ends were bent, and I needed inner and outer tie rod ends both sides of the front of the truck. I paid them to do it. Vibration was just as bad at this point. Took it back, they told me it was the front tires, I had two new tires on the front of the truck. I paid for the tires. Vibration was still bad, took it to another garage, they told me that the problem was two U Joints, I paid them and they replaced them. Vibration MUCH, MUCH better, but still noticeable between 35-50 MPH.

Got tired of vibration, took it to a family recommended mechanic on Monday morning. He called me Monday afternoon, told me that all three U Joints were bad, another bushing maybe on the drive shaft was bad. He replaced all three U joints, the bushing, and gave it a tune up and transmission service. This cost me $1,800. Tuesday when I went to pick up the truck, he told me that the drive shaft was out of balance and that it needed sent out and repaired for another $100-150. Picked up the truck last night, vibration is horrible now, as bad as ever. Called mechanic, he told me "it needs a new rear end." Can someone give me an idea what might be wrong with this thing? I love the truck, its paid off, I want to keep it, but I can't drive a rattletrap, and I SURE can't keep throwing money at it. I can feel the vibration in the steering wheel and in the gas pedal at all times, REALLY bad at 30MPH and up.


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Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 AT 1:34 PM

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Check the engien belt and tensioner for wear and engine and trnas mounts first. Also check torque converter bolts for looseningup.
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Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 AT 1:50 PM

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