Ford Taurus Engine Misfire

  • 2004 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 105,000 MILES
I have a ford Taurus ses with a 24 V DOHC 3.0 engine and I have codes po303, po316, and po356 what would you recommend I do to fix it?
Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, May 13th, 2011 AT 2:16 PM

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Well...I'm not great with computer stuff......Am learning...Am trying to give you fast assistance

Other can are welcome to join in!

Most know I'm sorta more in tune with Jeeps

I have a "look-up" for your codes, that came with my scanner.

Looks like 1st code is #3 cylinder misfiring

2nd The "misfire" is during the 1st 1000 engine revolutions

3rd-Says "Ignition coil F Primary/ Secondary Circuit Malfunction

I'd say you have a problem to/ at the coil on # 3 Cylinder.

So lets's start out with using some of our "IN HOUSE" stuff to get you figgered out......This is just one of many, feel free to dig a bit deeper than this link

Let me know hows its coming along

If being chased by Godzilla--$$$ not a big issue--without narrowing things down thru testing--In a hurry......Which may prove me wrong (below)!

And If it were me (with that mentality)--I'd sling in a coil

IMMA JEEP GUY!.....I justify wrong moves like that as: Won't hurt--Got 100,000 miles on the old one...If it don't help, I now have an extra one!

Course, If the part was expensive, I would hit the self serve auto salvage yard for a few inexpensive used ones (extras to try too, items like that, go for $5 at the yard), just to verify-THAT FIXED THE PROBLEM, and if it did, maybe invest in a Brand New One......'course that's me, I think different that a lot of people!

Let me know how it goes

The Medic
Was this
Friday, May 13th, 2011 AT 5:29 PM

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