2004 Dodge Caravan


Tonya potter

April, 10, 2013 AT 12:02 PM

Van sluggish and jerking randomly. Had fuel pump changed out a few months later same thing engine light came on and van was sluggish and spit and sputtered never got over 25 miles per hr and it just wouldn't go and eventually came to a stop and died. Broke down. Engine light and brake light coming on. Dealership said #1 cylinder detected and misfiring so changed it out. They said it need new spark plugs and wires so my husband changed them out hiself. Now the transmission light is coming on but vans not acting up yet. As soon as we changed plugs and wires this happened. I'm also having AC /heater problems. It works only half the time. Grawling noise when AC is on and van runs ruff and idles hard when its on. But sometimes air won't even blow out the vents and later will come on by itself even when switch is turned off.


1 Answer



April, 10, 2013 AT 2:10 PM

Check fuel pressure first, then check blower for bad bearing/bushings check actuator on heater for direction or heat as there are one for each. Sometimes pulling havac fuse resets actuators. If they are vacuum operated check for vacuum leak

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