IM looking for a relay in the front wiper system.

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Im looking for a relay in the front wiper system, the wipers become stuck in the on position after a couple swipes, any wiper speed selection, only will turn off when the car is turned off for awhile. If I forget and leave the switch in the rain sensor on position, they will even work correctly, I can put my finger on window sensor and the wipers will make a swipe, but then they will become stuck on if more than a swipe or 2 is made. I finally found the fuse box where the front wiper fuse is located, silly that its under the 2nd row seat and not under the hood, but no relay. I have been laid off work for 9 months now, I cant afford to take it anywhere. Auto stores do not have a list for any available relays for the front wipers, like there are not any in the system. Why is this such a secret.

Friday, November 23rd, 2012 AT 12:17 AM

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