My cooling fans don't work right

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My cooling fans don't work right. They only come on when I turn on the heater or the ac. They also run at same time and not at full speed plus they only run for 5-10 sec. Then off 5-10 sec. Then back on. I've checked the three relays and fuses and thier good. I've tested the ect sensor and power feed and that seems good 5v feed and 1957 ohms at 80-90 deg. And 209 at 200 deg. Volts from sensor @ 80 Deg. Are 3.75 and.23 @200 deg. Abouts. I don't have any codes and I did about 5 hrs online research. And found that it could be a bad pcm. So I jumped the ect feeds together and the fans comme on full and the gage stayed at o deg. And the book said that testing the ect should set code but didn't so I un pluged a few sensors to try to get a check light and had no luck. I disconected the massair, idel air the full tank vaccuum pump, map sens, and the ect sensor. And left the car run for about 10 min. And got no code and the light didn't come on. Does this mean that the pcm is bad?

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 AT 5:48 AM

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