2003 Renault Laguna



June, 26, 2012 AT 10:35 PM

Hi, My name is Len Warren.I have a Renault Laguna Reg` No`- SV03XBB.(2.2 T.D.I. Auto`, "Sport Touring" )The lights on warning buzzer isn`t working(Thishas caused a `flat battery`, but it`s now O.K.) The interior lights come on/go off, when opening/closing the door, so the `door switch`is O.K. Can you tell me the location of said buzzer, so I may find it, & if poss`, pass current through it, to test it? Also, where the fuse or relay is that covers this curcuit? The hand-books that came with the car don`t cover this fault. Niether does the `Haynes manual`(which I purchased at £15.99) Or do I need to go to a Renault dealership (who charge £60.00 just to plug intheir diagnostic kit)? Thanks in advance for any answers/advice you can give me Len Warren. E-mail = l. Warren@talktalk. Net

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