Hey guys, Got a 03 Clio.

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Hey guys,

Got a 03 clio billabong edition for my birthday in November and its been sat on my drive. Ran absolutely fine since i've had it, havent passed my test yet, so ive just been giving it a spin on the drive. I parked it up 2 nights ago and tried starting it up again about a minute later, however, it would not start at all. The engine wouldn't turn but the electrics worked absolutely fine and all lights were bright. The electrics just seem to make a weird whirring noise when I try and start it. The battery light and STOP lights are on, as well as a steering wheel light by the rev counter. As well as a sort of engine light beside the speedometer. Really scared so a reply would be really appreciated, hope my car isn't broken! Regards, Ben

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 AT 7:06 PM

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