My DVD player will not read some of our DVDs

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My DVD player will not read some of our DVDs.
It's not that it won't play them, we don't get a message saying it can't play them. The system doesn't see that they are in the player so it can't play them.
We only have region 1 DVDs, none of them are copies or home made. At first it was one or two of the DVDs now it's over half of them. We checked to make sure it was clean and the DVDs were clean. It will read and play old and new DVDs so I don't think it's an age of the disk thing.
The rest of the system works great, can you also tell me who made the system we do need a new remote and I'd love to get a comfortable set of headsets for the kids

Monday, December 31st, 2012 AT 4:05 AM

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